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Girls Earrings

Earrings for little girls by Luca Barra, the gift to make them happy

By choosing the model selection of girls earrings by Luca Barra, you can give the excitement of a smile to little fashionistas. Thanks to our offerings of earrings for little girl you will give a new light to her face, taking advantage of fun patterns: from butterflies to unicorns, through hearts with padlock...
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Discover Luca Barra's collection of girls earrings, created for the littlest fashion lover


It is with the youngest fashion lovers in mind that Luca Barra has created a line of girls' earrings that includes different bijoux, versatile and delicate. Thus, even the littlest ones will be able to be fashionable at any time and enrich their outfits with colorful and sparkling details. They are also perfect as a gift idea for ceremonies, birthdays, or for other occasions when you want to impress with a gift that is sure to be appreciated and will remain in time.


Our creations are decorated with tender and lively symbols: little hearts, ladybugs, flowers, padlocks, butterflies, unicorns and owls. In this way, every little girl can choose the pattern she likes best, sporting a chic look in every daily adventure and important milestones in life.


Steel baby girl earrings to brighten up the faces of little ones

All girls' earrings designed by Luca Barra are made entirely of steel: a strong and durable material. It withstands even small daily stresses, will not rust or discolor. Thus, your daughter will be able to show off her favorite earrings (even in the shower and at playtime) without fear of them getting ruined.


Going through the catalog you will meet different accessories, with Made in Italy design and handcrafted by our team. From classic heart-shaped earrings (silver, pink, red or gold), super feminine and delicate, to butterfly earrings, enriched with colored stones. 


They are designed to be worn at all times of the day, but also for special occasions, such as a birthday, sleepover, or dance recital. And if, on the other hand, your little one is a lover of nature and the animal world, she will just adore the owl and white crystal earrings: princess accessories that will light up her face.


Ladybug or unicorn shaped baby girl earrings? Choose the best model for your daughter

Butterfly earrings for baby girls are a timeless classic: you can choose from the more traditional, lobe-shaped ones made of painted steel, or opt for gold-colored models or those with bright red beads, which give the bijou a magical look.


And instead, if your little one prefers super colorful and imaginative items she will undoubtedly appreciate our unicorn baby girl earrings. They are enameled using innovative techniques that maintain their beauty over time. In short, they represent the perfect touch to embellish every look with simplicity and a dash of creativity.


Special gifts for every occasion: little girls earrings by Luca Barra

Luca Barra's signature baby girl earrings, then, are a great gift idea for birthdays, baptisms and communions. Their simple, cute and fun design will win over everyone, young and old. Ladybug earrings are a good luck gift, an auspicious symbol par excellence. On the other hand, if you want a more traditional thought, you can choose gold steel earrings in the shape of a heart.


And if you want to impress with a gift filled with sentiment, perhaps for your granddaughter's confirmation, you have the option of purchasing earrings directly from our store and picking them up at out lets located throughout Italy. Alternatively, you can have them shipped directly to the recipient's home, inside an elegant gift box. Know that, for any doubts or requests about little girls earrings, there is a punctual customer care service, formed by a team of professionals in the field.


In short, with Luca Barra you have nothing but the pleasure of choice! Our models of girls earrings are declined in many shapes and colors, just to please even the smallest tastes, and to allow them to show off fashionable accessories at all times.


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After all, you know, earrings are always a welcome cadeau! Now don't waste any more time, discover all the proposals signed Luca Barra and surprise your daughter with a unique thought!