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Gifts for Grandma

Gifts for grandma, pamper her with a meaningful piece of jewelry

Grandmother's is a magical and special figure .. She has spoiled and pampered you since you were a child, giving you unconditional love, patience, kindness and most of all many valuable life lessons. Doesn't she deserve a nice thought? Of course he does. In Luca Barra's catalog you can find so many gifts for grandma, to dedicate to her on any occasion, or simply to remind her how important she is to you.

Visiting our store, you can discover dozens of bracelets: from the most classic and essential models, to the most colorful and imaginative ones, for the most spritely grandmothers, who love to show off fashion accessories with an unmistakable style. Now you just have to locate the jewelry you prefer.

Choose grandmother gifts by Luca Barra, unique bracelets with special messages

Are you looking for gifts for a grandmother, to show her all your affection? Going through our proposal, you will find several alternatives: bijoux perfect for wringing a smile and arousing genuine emotions. Let's start with the bracelets more casual and versatile.

The bracelet with the inscription "I love you grandma" is the ideal gift to tell her that she has been a bit like a second mother, a true friend and the teacher of a lifetime: she has shown you how to value the little things, supporting and spurring you on even in the most difficult moments. It is a simple and essential precious, consisting of a hypoallergenic steel chain and a round enamel plate.

Alternatively, you can opt for a similar pattern, but with the words "My grandmother is special". Again, the bracelet has an understated and delicate design, with a round pendant and a small heart-shaped pendant. It is easy to match and can be used with any look, giving a touch of style and elegance.

Gifts for grandma? A precious bijou for all occasions

Is grandparents' anniversary coming up soon? If you are celebrating a golden wedding anniversary, there is no better thought than a steel Ip gold bracelet with a heart-shaped engraving charm. It has a wide, bright gold link that instantly lends a glamorous, shiny note. By personalizing the bracelet with your wedding date you'll be on the safe side, and you'll see that you'll you will give a truly emotional moment to your grandparents.

As for grandmother birthday gifts, on the other hand, you are spoiled for choice. On this occasion, too, you can opt for a golden bracelet, perhaps in the rigid version. Bijou with a simple but sophisticated design, it is made with extreme care, paying attention to the smallest details. In addition, the heart-shaped or round pendant is also ideal for engraving.

Not sure what to get grandma for Christmas? Don't worry, because our proposals are super versatile, and usable for any occasion. The bracelet with the inscription "I love you grandma", for example, is also great as a grandmother gift for Christmas.

What about gifts for a new grandmother? Think of the excitement of a grandmother holding her grandchild for the first time. For such a special occasion, you need a piece of jewelry that can impress. An Ip gold steel bracelet with beads and a heart-shaped pendant is perfect. It's shiny and classy, and if you have it engraved with the grandchild's birth date, you'll see that grandma will proudly show it off even while she's busy with household chores.

Surprise her with a heartfelt gift, here are our personalized grandma gift ideas

Words are important, particularly when they are written indelibly on a piece of jewelry. So what better way to communicate our message to a grandmother than by by having a bijou engraved? Our bracelets are designed precisely to allow you to express all your feelings in an unforgettable way.

Rigid, chain or beaded, with a round or heart-shaped pendant, in silver steel or Ip gold. Fantastic isn't it? In short, these are unique and memorable gift ideas, precisely because they can be embellished with dates, phrases or initials important to the recipient.

In a nutshell, Luca barra designer bracelets are perfect to give at any time of life. They are bijou, which each time, conceal a new story to dedicate to your beloved grandmother. With so many alternatives, it will be impossible not to find the perfect gift.

All the jewelry featured in the catalog are handcrafted by our team and feature an unmistakable Made in Italy design. In each creation, steel becomes the strong point, a strong, tough and durable material. In addition, it does not discolor, blacken or cause any allergies. In short, with a small price you can give an unforgettable gift, success is assured!

After choosing the bijou that makes your heart beat faster, you can decide whether to go to one of our stores located throughout Italy and pick it up in person. Alternatively, you can receive the gifts for grandma in the comfort of your own home, inside an elegant gift package, which includes a shopper and a Luca Barra case. Thus, you will only have to worry about writing a beautiful card.

For amounts over 19 euros, shipping becomes free, and in the unlikely event of a mistaken purchase we guarantee you a return (at no cost) within 15 days. Of course, if you want extra information about gifts for grandma you can always contact the customer care team, or visit the handy "FAQ" of the portal.

Now you just have to choose, and surprise your beloved grandmother with a special gift .. Buy gifts for grandma that will make her feel unique and pampered!

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