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Gifts for friends

Select a special friend gift to give her an authentic emotion

Looking for gifts for girlfriends? The cadeau to give to such important people must be sincere and original. In the Luca Barra catalog you can find a lot of proposals that can brighten up any look with style and enchant from the first glance. Refined friend gift ideas with 100% Italian design. ...
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Take advantage of Luca Barra's catalog and choose gifts for friends who know how to give an emotion

Are you looking for a gift to give to a friend? Although you have known her so well and for so many years, sometimes it can happen that you may be a little short of ideas. But the thought to give to one of the people who are closest to you and appreciate you the most must be truly unique and special, and clearly, it must have a deep meaning that represents your bond. And what could be better than a jewelry? Among our gifts for girlfriends you will find plenty of bijoux that know how to make your heart flutter.

Scrolling through the pages of Luca Barra's catalog you can discover. bracelets, necklaces, earrings e watches, capable of stylishly brightening any look and enchanting from the very first glance. Why not choose an accessory with a dedication that comes straight from the heart? And if you want gifts for special friends instead, you could go for a nice keychain. Now you just have to consider all the alternatives and select the one you like best .

Looking for original gifts for girlfriends? Discover our novelties, fashionable necklaces and sparkling earrings

In the ranking of the most popular jewelry among the female public, earrings are definitely included. They are able to brighten up the face and enhance even the most casual looks, giving a note of charm and femininity. Besides, they represent perfect friendship gifts because they are able to communicate affection and genuine feelings.

There are many alternatives in the catalog. Hoop earrings are real must-haves of the season. You can choose from the most simple and essential ones, ideal to wear at any time of the day, to the most sophisticated models, perhaps in Ip Gold steel or enriched with small colored crystals.

Instead, if your friend prefers more informal and youthful jewelry, she won't be able to do without the steel earrings with star or heart-shaped pendant. Available in both silver and gold versions, they really go with any outfit and can be easily used for any occasion.

More gifts for best friends? If earrings are not the right choice no fear, you can always go for a necklace. For bring a dash of good luck in the recipient's life, perfect is the cloverleaf necklace. In the catalog you will find more simple and classic models, but also with double chain and shiny beads. An equally good alternative is the model with a cornet pendant.

And then if you wish to purchase some friendly Valentine's Day gifts, we offer you plenty of options, also to celebrate this occasion. A heart pendant necklace is the most suitable gift to seal your relationship. For the lovers of the style a little more rock, on the other hand, ideal is the necklace with a double-link chain, embellished with a heart and small shiny stars.

Birthday friend gifts? Surprise her with a bracelet with deep meaning

We now come to the bracelets. They definitely constitute one of the best gift ideas for a friend, because they encapsulate the magic of a precious, delicate and lasting thought. Scrolling through the digital shelves of the store you will encounter dozens of proposals, even customizable with special engravings, to make an unforgettable cadeau and bearer of a deep meaning. Excellent solution for those who want friendly birthday gifts.

If the recipient loves to stand out and be the center of attention by wearing uniquely styled jewelry, she can't help but appreciate the Ip Gold steel bracelet studded with lots of colorful crystals. Its fine and refined design goes perfectly with the fascinating multi-hued stones.

To make your friend feel loved on the occasion of her birthday, also ideal is the steel bracelet with butterfly. It is able to make the entire female universe happy thanks to the fresh and youthful design and the elegance of the chain where very sweet white pearls are visible. The whole is embellished with a delicate butterfly, which seems to want to take flight.

Are you looking for original girlfriend gifts? Then all you have to do is to buy our inscribed bracelets. You can range from various types: from classic rigid models with the inscription "Who finds a friend finds a treasure" to those with a link chain with a pendant on which it reads. "Friends are the sisters you choose for yourself". And if the bijou is intended for someone you recently met, but who is already precious and important you could go for the bracelet with the inscription "The best is yet to come".

The beauty of it is that it is customizable jewelry, on which you can have whatever you wish engraved. Perhaps the recipient's name, an important date or a meaningful phrase. A great gift at a small price. You will see that your friend will be pleasantly surprised.

In short, our catalog includes so many friendship gifts that it will be impossible not to find the right one. The production is characterized by the skillful use of steel, a strong and durable material that does not change over time. The jewelry then, is handcrafted by our team and features a design that is completely Made in Italy. This is the only way you can be sure that you have purchased a high quality product that is destined to last over time.

Once you have chosen your favorite bijou, you can receive it in the comfort of your own home, inside an elegant gift package. You will only have to worry about making a fantastic card for your best friend. Shipments are made in 24/48 hours and are at no cost in case of amounts over 19 euros.

If you then wish to find out more details about a piece of jewelry, or resolve any doubts, you can always rely on the punctual customer care team, or visit the handy "FAQ" section of the portal.

What are you waiting for? Impress with a thought that comes straight from the heart. Choose gifts for girlfriends signed Luca Barra!