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Gifts for a Pregnancy

Looking for future mom gift ideas? Choose a piece of jewelry from Luca Barra

Be won over by Luca Barra's signature pregnancy gifts, special proposals to make a surprise filled with genuine feelings. From personalized bracelets with loving dedications to angel callers, lucky pregnancy gifts capable of easing anxieties and fears while protecting the mother-to-be and baby. ...
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Gifts for pregnancy Luca Barra, sweet proposals to remember unique moments

Are you looking for pregnancy gifts for a dear friend of yours? During such an important journey of her life, she deserves to be pampered with a special thought, symbolizing all your affection and closeness. We at Luca Barra have selected for you a wide range of jewelry for expectant and new mothers, perfect for making a surprise filled with genuine feelings.

From bracelets with inscriptions to angel calls, via necklaces, earrings, rings, charms or bijoux to personalize. The alternatives are so many that it will be impossible not to find the right one. Now you just have to discover all our proposals and find the one that makes your heart beat faster. Get started right away!

Gifts for a mom-to-be, an angel caller is the perfect thought

The list of the best gifts for a pregnant woman definitely include the angel callers. These are special necklaces, which contain a small rattle inside them. This, with each movement emits a sweet and delicate sound. Thus, even the baby in the belly will be able to hear it.

An angel caller, moreover, represents a kind of connection with one's guardian angel who, according to legend, summoned by the jingle of the rattle, is able to protect the mother and child both during pregnancy and throughout life.

Tradition dictates that it is never the mother herself who gives herself an angel caller., but for friends or relatives to do so: boyfriend, mother, sister, and so on. It can already be donated from the first months of pregnancy, it will serve to alleviate the anxieties and fears typical of the period. In short, these are useful gifts for pregnant women that will immediately make the recipient feel more confident.

But let's find out all the alternatives together. Among the digital shelves of the portal you will meet many angel callers, declined in multiple versions. You can choose from more classic and essential models, for example, those with steel chain, sphere and tree of life or with sphere and rosé heart. But room also for more elaborate angel callers, in the shape of a carved heart, with a baby carriage, four-leaf clover or babies holding hands.

These are gifts for an expectant mother that are always elegant and never trivial, designed for mothers-to-be who want to express all their femininity. Besides, they will serve as a reminder forever of such an exciting moment.

Shop the gifts for a new mother in the catalog: personalized bracelets and delicate necklaces

After finding out what are the best gifts to give a pregnant woman, we can move on to those to dedicate to a new mother. Let's start with the women's bracelets. Among the pages of the e-shop you will find models on which there are sweet inscriptions, for example "Super Mom", "For ever family" o "Sweet mom". But the one on which it reads "The best is yet to come".

The beauty of these bracelets is that they can also be customized. By taking advantage of our engraving service you can add an extra inscription, such as the child's name or date of birth. Thus you will be sure to have found a truly special and unique thought that will make the recipient excited.

Equally interesting alternative is our bracelets for charms. You can choose the type you prefer: rigid, beaded, chain, silver steel or Ip gold. All you need to do is select a few charms from the catalog, for example, in the shape of an initial, number or heart and compose the bracelet as you prefer.

If you want to go more classic, however, a bracelet with two hearts and white crystals is the ideal gift to show the new mother all your closeness. Delicate and elegant, it consists of a thin silver knit chain and two linked hearts. These symbolize a unique love relationship that is destined to last.

More gifts for a new mother? Should the bracelets not completely convince you, we also have a range of necklaces for women. Those with a ladybug or four-leaf clover pendant are perfect for bringing a dash of luck into the recipient's life, and wishing her a happy future in the company of family.

Otherwise, you can go for a pendant chain in the shape of a teddy bear or angel. Delicate symbols reminiscent of childhood and the joy that only a child can bring.

Pregnancy: original gifts? Don't miss our tips

Not only necklaces and bracelets, in fact any jewelry is capable of making a woman happy expecting or a new mother. The women's rings, for example, are the perfect gift to forever remember a special moment and the depth of a feeling, such as the one that characterizes pregnancy.

In fact, in the catalog, you will find several rings with engraved, for example "Let life surprise you" o "Be happy feel good". Equally interesting are those with the words "Love" o "Dream" in Ip gold steel and studded with sparkling white crystals.

Alternatively, you can always go for the rings with initials, choosing between the mother's or the baby's, or on those with decoration in the shape of a boy or girl. Do you already know the sex of the unborn baby? Then a beautiful ring with colored crystal is just what you need. Light blue or blue if it's a boy, pink or fuchsia if it's a girl.

Another gift for friend pregnancy? We propose, finally, a pair of earrings. Among the shelves of the store you can find more classic models, consisting of a simple pearl, or dangling and enriched with a cascade of colored stones.

A suggestion? For a mother-to-be, perfect are the Ip rosé steel earrings in the shape of an angel. Delicate and elegant, they frame the wearer's face and are able to attract from the first glance.

Gifts for an expectant mother: original solutions with a two-year warranty

Amazed to have discovered how many gifts you can give on the occasion of pregnancy? Now it's your turn, choose the one that feels right for you and surprise your friend with a custom-made bijou. Ordering from our store is really simple: just add the selected product to the cart and proceed with the payment.

For the transactions we have implemented only secure modes that protect you from any danger: PayPal, credit or debit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery or in three installments thanks to the partnership with Scalapay.

You can decide whether to pick up the jewelry in person, at one of our stores. Or send it directly to the recipient, inside an elegant gift package that includes a shopper and a case signed Luca Barra. Of course, we will remove any reference to the expenses incurred from the package. For amounts over 25 euros, delivery costs will be zero.

If you need advice or extra information about a bijou you only have to write an e-mail or contact our customer care service by phone. And then, remember that by choosing one of our valuables you also take advantage of a 24-month warranty.

Visit now the section of the Luca Barra store dedicated to pregnancy gifts! Fantastic accessories at a small price, which will know how to communicate all your affection!