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Graduation Jewelry

Choose our jewelry for an original and timeless graduation gift

Graduation is a truly important milestone, one that repays years of commitment and dedication to study. But how to choose the perfect gift? In the section dedicated to the graduation jewelry from Luca Barra's store you will be able to discover so many bijoux ...
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Luca Barra graduation jewelry, lots of valuables to celebrate a special milestone  

Graduation is a truly important milestone, one that repays years of commitment and dedication to study. But how to choose the perfect gift? In the section dedicated to graduation jewelry of Luca Barra's store you can discover lots of bijoux. From necklaces to bracelets, passing through earrings and elegant timepieces, both for him and for her.

What is important is to choose a special accessory, which will forever remember the magic of such a significant moment. Now you just have to discover all our proposals and find the perfect gift to wish for a bright and successful future.

Women's graduation jewelry? Impress her with an elegant timepiece

Are you looking for graduation gift ideas for a girl? Scrolling through the digital shelves of the portal you meet so many alternatives that it will be impossible not to find the perfect one. The list of the best gifts to give on such an occasion definitely includes the women's watches.

These are fashionable accessories that absolutely cannot be missing from the look of a woman who wants to stand out and be flawless in all circumstances. And our creations are able to satisfy any preference. You will find models that are more simple and casual but also timepieces elegant and refined.

If the recipient likes to wear jewelry with a romantic style e delicate she can't help but appreciate our watch in a silver version with a rosé dial. Versatile and trendy, it manages to illuminate the female wrist, giving a new light to the whole outfit. Equally elegant is the one in total-black version, embellished with small glittering details that give it a truly glamorous touch.

Conversely, if the friend in question prefers more sporty jewelry, she will surely love the silicone watches. Available in shades of fuchsia, pink, black, white and blue, they represent the perfect accessory for today's woman, always on the lookout for the latest trends.

Not sure which size to choose? Don't worry, you can also find a handy Size Guide that includes tips and detailed information on how to find the perfect one.

Among the best gifts for undergraduates are jewelry: customizable bracelets and elegant necklaces

Should watches not convince you, you can always go for a women's necklace. The silver steel chain with a heart-shaped pendant is perfect to express all your affection and congratulate the new graduate. Super refined is also the butterfly necklace, a delicate bijou that knows how to express all the typically feminine sweetness.

If the goal, however, is to bring a bit of luck in the life of your friend in the catalog you also meet necklaces with red cornet or four-leaf clover, an auspicious symbol par excellence. Declined in so many versions, they can perfectly complement any look.

Space is also given to more flashy and colorful proposals. No woman will be able to remain indifferent to the steel necklace with multicolor stones. This is a bright and unique piece of jewelry, which, thanks to its multi-hued stones, is able to give an extra note of style even to a simple t-shirt.

Do you desire best friend graduation gifts? In this case you should opt for a beautiful women's bracelet that encapsulates a profound message. The steel model with the inscription "The best is yet to come" lends itself perfectly to this occasion. It represents, in fact, a genuine wish for a bright and successful future. Another timeless classic is the tennis bracelet, a bijou that looks simple, but can make the wearer flawless at all times.

And then if you want to make it even more special, you can always take advantage of our service of bracelet customization. We offer you the opportunity to have some bracelet models engraved with an inscription, the name of the recipient, the date of graduation or a meaningful phrase. Thus you will be sure that you have chosen a unique and unforgettable gift that will fill the recipient with joy.

Longing for men's graduation gifts? Shop Luca Barra designer watches and jewelry.

But let us now turn to men's graduation gift ideas. Again, there is no shortage of alternatives. Let's start with the quintessential male accessory: the watch. Perfect to give at a graduation ceremony is a timepiece with a steel case and leather strap. This is a bijou with a simple and super youthful design, perfect for all men who like to be the center of attention.

Equally versatile and fashionable are the silicone watches. Available in different colors, they are designed for sportier men who still do not want to give up a trendy piece of jewelry with an unmistakable style.

More alternatives? Among the digital shelves of the portal encounters also Ip gold steel models, embellished with elegant golden details. Of course, these are cheap graduation gifts but at the same time precious, which will remember such an important anniversary for a lifetime.

We come, now, to the men's jewelry. In our section dedicated to graduation gifts you will meet lots of men's necklaces. You will be able to choose from several models: in silver or Ip Gold steel version, link, chain or with pendants. Must-have par excellence is the cross necklace. Characterized by timeless elegance, it is ideal to wear at any time of the day.

As for the men's bracelets with platelets, on the other hand, represent a true evergreen in the industry, always fashionable and perfect to personalize thanks to our engraving service.

More original graduation gifts? In this case, a pair of cufflinks is just the thing. Sober and essential are steel ones embellished with delicate white crystals. Instead, more flashy and fashionable are the cufflinks in the shape of a cross, anchor or compass rose.

Take advantage of a two-year warranty on our graduation jewelry

In short, so many graduation gifts appear within our digital catalog that it will be impossible not to find the perfect one! All you have to do is take your time and choose the most suitable piece of jewelry to accompany the recipient during the adventures that the future holds for him or her.  

All bijoux are handcrafted by the professionals on our team and feature an unmistakable design Made in Italy. They see thesteel as their strong point, a strong, durable and resistant material. Refined and never mundane, it's perfect to wear for any occasion because it won't rust, won't change color, and ensures you zero allergies.

If you buy online, you have the opportunity to have graduation gifts shipped directly to the recipient's home, inside an elegant gift box. Thus, you will only have to worry about writing a special card for the new graduate. Alternatively, you can pick up your order at one of our direct stores, which are distributed throughout Italy. 

Remember that by choosing a precious signed Luca Barra you also take advantage of a guarantee of 24 mesi, precisely because we aim to guarantee you all the transparency you desire. In addition, in the unlikely event of a mistaken purchase you have the option of requesting a return within 14 days.

Finally, if you would like to receive advice or need extra information about an item, you can always rely on our timely customer care service, formed by a team of professionals.

Now don't waste any more time, discover all the graduation gifts in Luca Barra's catalog. Original cadeaus that convey feelings and will forever remember this